Our wedding cakes gallery features a stunning selection of unique wedding cakes. Each cake is individually designed and made to your specifications using fine hand crafted sugar decorations.

Any element from the wedding can be matched, this could be colour scheme or details from the wedding dress, invitations or jewellery. We offer a vast range of styles from classic wedding cakes to contemporary wedding cakes. We will work one to one with you to create your perfect cake, we can either design something completely new or, if you’ve seen a wedding cake you like we can adapt the design to suit your own wedding.

All of the cakes at Wedding Cakes Liverpool are freshly baked for every order. Available in a variety of delicious flavours, we use tried and tested recipes using only the finest ingredients, this attention to detail ensures that our cakes are always fresh, moist and tasty “Anything can be done with a little imagination”




Below is the approximate portion guide for single tier sponge cakes
Traditionally wedding cake is served in 2.5 cm/1 inch square portions.

Shape 5 Inch 6 Inch 7 Inch 8 Inch 9 Inch 10 Inch 11 Inch 12 Inch
Round 8 11 15 20 27 35 45 50
Square 8 17 24 27 35 45 56 67

Some popular tier configurations are

2 Tier 6″ + 10″ 
3 Tier 6″ + 8″ + 10″
3 Tier 6″ + 9″ + 12″
5 Tier 6″ + 8″ + 10″ +12″

Call or e-mail for a price as each cake is uniquely different, therefore there is no set price list. 

Price depends on size and difficulty of the design all orders require a deposit.
 Local delivery is available for a fee but please do check.

For cake deliveries outside the local area, a delivery cost of 40p per mile (round trip) is charged, or they can be collected.